free kids childrens booksNewton Park is a self published children's book author. He produces quality, free of charge ebooks that can be downloaded directly from this page.



newton park




Alexander PiranhaBarry the Berry BeeIn Every City In Every Street


The Lying LionThe Sour FlowerThe Postman Who Hated Christmas


The Troll With SoulA New Home for Bobby Bone





 All 'Newton Park' books © G Newton 2014

Some of these titles are available as paperback books too from the link above, though this will cost you £3.99 per book plus postage.

Newton Park also records short programmes of his friends reading his books. These can also be viewed free of charge directly from this page.

This page will give information about all book releases, reading events and insights into the World of Newton Park.

He performs a rhyme time session at the Stanford-le-Hope Children's Centre every other week. Check on the Stanford-le-Hope Children's Centre page for more details.